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Bardon Mill

The village was named after the woollen mill beside the Chineley Burn. In 1878, the old mill became the pottery of Errington Reay & Co. Ltd., which once made sanitary ware and drainage pipes.
The factory now makes a wide range of the finest salt-glazed stoneware, including garden pots, storage jars, chimney pots and ornaments.

Within the same area, In 1940, Bardon Mill colliery opened in the field to the right of the mill. It closed in 1973 with the loss of 240 jobs. Also the narrow footbridge across the River South Tyne is 104 yards long and dates from 1883, when it was built by local subscription at a cost of £553 14s. 6d.

The tales of the mill are true stories told by the people who have worked their over the years and witnessed the funny goings on.

These true stories have been transcribed and illustrated to give you and idea of some of the things going on at the Mill.