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the doctor and miss hinemarch's will

The Doctor and Miss Hinemarch's will

In Victorian times, glazed garden edging was a popular product of the mill. You've probably seen it in old, established gardens, its twisted rope effect doing an attractive job of retaining flower beds and bordering paths. It was always a difficult product to fire, so production was discontinued.... until the visit of the undertaker from Haltwhistle with a request the management just couldn't refuse. It transpired that Miss Hinemarch, who had recently died, had left instructions in her will that her grave should be enclosed in Bardon Mill rope edging. Careful old lady that she was, she left sufficient funds to pay for it. Faced with such a plea from beyond the grave, the required edging was produced, installed and the bill settled. That, all concerned supposed, was the end of the matter. A few weeks later, however, the Haltwhistle doctor appeared looking for the very same rope edging. When told that it was no longer available he protested that some had been produced for Miss Hinemarch. That was his big mistake. Although the special circumstances of Miss Hinemarch's will were explained to him, he demanded the same treatment, only to be told with a wry smile, that he could certainly have his rope soon as he qualified as Miss Hinemarch did! To find out how this story ends, have a look in the Haltwhistle cemetery and count the graves bordered in glazed rope edging.