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the arsonist who didnt have a leg to stand on

The Arsonist who didn't have a leg to stand on

When the original woollen mill was destroyed by fire there was no need to send for Sherlock Holmes to find the culprit. Although unobserved at the Mill as he set his fire, Harvey, a disgruntled employee with a grudge, was betrayed by the unmistakable sound of his wooden leg clumping down the stairs as he made his escape. When confronted only minutes later at his home, apparently tucked up in bed, Harvey pled his innocence. Not being the sharpest tool in the box, he had unfortunately neglected to remove his clothing which smelled strongly of smoke! Sentenced to a lengthy term for arson, it transpired that he had also set fire to the Huntershill Mill - proof being the telltale print in the soft ground of a single foot and a vain attempt to disguise the lack of another! A sad footnote to this tale is that Harvey died in prison some years later. Today, listen closely and you may still hear the rhythmic thud as Harvey revisits the scene of his crime, a hopefully harmless poltergeist doomed to dwell forever on his misdeeds.